Stop Netflix Dates!
Have real date nights with your partner every month.

Everything you need to have the perfect Date, in a Box.
Reconnect with your other half from $44.99 per month.


Stop Netflix Dates!
Have real date nights with your partner every month.

Everything you need to have the perfect Date, in a Box.
Reconnect with your other half from $44.99 per month.

How Date in a Box works?

Is it impossible to plan a romantic date with your couple?
Let us plan your at-home perfect date night Every Month.

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We Create your Special Date

Every month we plan a new date night in and deliver it to your door, in a box, of course.

It’s a Date!

Take a moment of your busy calendars to enjoy connecting and spending quality time with your partner.

Expect the unexpected! Our promise: surprise you every month!

What’s inside your box?

Every month you will receive a new date, with everything you need included in the box.

We never repeat a box. Guaranteed.
And promise: you would never know what is your next adventure!

No planning required! Just save the date into your calendar.

Each box includes:

  • A warm up activity – to get the date started.
  • A date night game – to do something new and have fun together.
  • A relationship building activity – to help you two to reconnect.
  • Relationship tips to discuss together – to strengthen your relationship.
  • A playlist, gourmet snacks and other items matching the theme – to set the mood.

Peek inside past boxes!

Cuban Date Night

How about going on a romantic road trip enjoying a little bit of paradise on the island of Cuba? This date will have you experiencing a tropical environment full of salsa, mojitos and fun challenges in the middle of the beach under the light of stars... What a better way to reconnect with your partner!

Picnic in Paris!

Oh la la! Do you speak the language of love? Pack your passports and get ready to jet set to beautiful Paris.This date will have you doing fun games while having a romantic picnic experiencing this city of love. Letters, french snacks, music and art are the key of this "trés romantique" date.

Games Night!

What M&Ms and Play Doh have in common? Reconnect with your partner while having fun like never before. 5 seconds rule board game, some messy figures with clay and lots of sugar is the perfect combination to have an atypical romantic date night and share amazing memories you’d never shared before...

Sorry not sorry, as we promise, you would never receive them again :(

BUT, you can let a brand new Date in a Box surprise you every month!

Why you should get your Date In A Box every month?

Try Something Different!

Are your dates together usually movies or series nights? No worries! Every month you would get a new theme and a new date night adventure to experience.

Quality time together

Our dates are perfectly designed to ensure you spend time talking, laughing, reconnecting and having fun with your partner.

Easy & convenient

Just save the date! No thinking or planning required plus everything you need to have an amazing time together is delivered right to your door, in a box.

Budget friendly

How much it cost to have dinner in a romantic restaurant just to spend the time talking about the same things? Date in a Box is cheaper than that, plus is more fun & help you to reconnect in a deeper way.

Starts at $44.99

per date! FREE SHIPPING.

Satisfaction guarantee

or your money back

Couples reconnecting with each other every month!


"The team at @date.inabox have set up such a cool concept. Each month you get a Date Night box delivered to your door. It includes snacks, games, activites & a playlist. It's always something different. [...]
It was so lovely to feel connected on a deeper level. Sometimes you miss that level of connection in the excitement & routines in life."


"Simon & I have been married coming up to 10 years this year and as parents we sometimes forget to be a couple first! So we signed up to Date In A Box.. Each month they deliver exactly that: a date in a box.. they do all the hard work and planning so you & your partner can just enjoy your date night from the comfort of your own home - no babysitters required!"


"We haven’t left the house since forever and wanted to do something special just for us. The @date.inabox is a super cool concept which includes everything you need for a fun night in 💕 Games, snacks and conversation starters are all included and we had lots of laughs reconnecting."


"At one point, I could pick from a list of prizes for reaching a certain score in a game and I picked to kiss for 30 seconds 🥰
Another beautiful memory added to our incredible love story that's just becoming better and better after making the conscious decision to take time off this busy life to make the best of it together "


"A cool, little Australian business that I stumbled across on a Facebook ad last month, so I looked into it and thought what a fun idea and subscribed to a monthly delivery.
Each month we'll have no clue what we're getting until it arrives.
But they send you everything you need. And we had an afternoon of fun. There was playdough creations, games were played, m&ms enjoyed, lots of laughs and just a lot of connecting!"


"Happy 3 years with the big goof @officialzabrak . Couldn't let Iso ruin our day! Jam and nuttella doughnuts, snack platter and a date In a box couldn't have asked for a better day together with my giant loveable goof. Here's to many more adventures and so much more love."

Our story.

Hi, I’m Pablo! I am originally from Argentina and have been calling Australia home for the last 5 years. One of my treasured memories from my childhood is every Friday night at my Grandma’s house, where my whole family gathered together to connect over my Grandma’s delicious Italian food. I am grateful to have learnt early how important nurturing our relationships is.
For the last few years I have been on a mission to help others connect in our ever changing world.
I realized putting quality time aside to nurture the relationship with my partner is both important and difficult in today’s busy world. It’s so easy to get caught up into a routine, right? I decided to do an experiment with my partner, where each Tuesday night we set up a “date night”, and tried to do something new and different each week. The date nights are great, they help us reconnect and strengthen our relationship.
Since then, I am on mission to empower every couple to connect and nurture a meaningful connection!
Happy dating!
Founder Date In A Box

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